China has basically formed its own special education development pattern, with special education schools as the backbone, regular classes or special classes in ordinary schools as the main form, and sending teachers to families, home-schooling and community education as a supplement. There are 2,852 higher education institutions in China, among which 2,560 are regular colleges and universities, and 292 are adult colleges and universities. Chinese educations institutes are fast securing a formidable presence on the international education fields. A strong system with financial backing and logistics monitored by an ambitious governing body striving to maintain perfection and global presence makes it possible for students to be trained by the most cutting edge education module and exposure to the one of the largest economy system in the world.



One of the leading economies in the world china is the place to start ones education and the career that will follow. Being able to speak Chinese which is taught to every enrolled student, also the most spoken language in the world, as well being able to understand the Chinese cultures, experience in traits and trends of business and the ability to communicate and conduct business. Skill sets such as these places a student in a position of demand in the global job market. Almost everything in today’s world has the proverbial “Chinese connection”. China offers plenty of exciting options for people who wish to study at all levels of higher education, from Bachelor’s to PhD. Most programs and courses are not taught in English, which may be a problem for those who are not fluent in Chinese. However, the good news is that there are an increasing number of courses and even whole programmes taught in English. It all depends on the university, those who wish to study in China without learning the official language will be able to find great options taught in English language.