Malaysia, known as the gateway to Asia, has just about the right balance of city life and nature. From Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Twin Towers to rainforests, Malaysia has a bit of everything.  The higher education system is governed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.  Malaysia has partnerships with many leading universities around the world; many of them have a local campus in Malaysia. This opens up the opportunity to earn a degree of international status and significance of the parent universities. The wide choices of over 500 internationally accredited institutes and their accredited disciplines, is the proverbial cherry on the top. Tuition expenses and the living expenses are much lesser in Malaysia; it offers a less of a financial burden to international students and their providers. While the tuition fees are significantly less the study module, marking procedure and training regimen are exactly as their international counterparts.



The procedure to obtain student visa to study in Malaysia is very straight forward and hassle free. The success rate for visa approval is also very satisfactory. Malaysia is unique in giving work permits for students in hassle free and simple procedure, this enables the students and their providers to be under much less financial pressure. Students therefore can concentrate more on the studies and extracurricular activities. Students are permitted to work 20 hours a week.